Print Solutions Shree Salasar Print & Pack


1. Consumer Packaging Solutions


Impact your sales and brand repute with our elegant consumer packaging and give a dramatic edge to your competitors. Keeping in mind the evolving customer preferences, we reflect upon diversity in innovation and design. As a leading provider of tailor-made packaging and folding cartons we offer a glut of unique consumer packaging solutions for food manufacturers, beverage companies, pharmaceuticals, beauty brands, express email envelopes, healthcare and so on.

For customers who seek convenience in business quality packaging solutions, we retain a network of folding carton plants that leverage the latest technologies with focus on sustainability and improvement. We have packaging solutions to every business need. Shree Salasar is committed to delivering superior quality and befitting consumer packaging solutions that allow your brand to lead the cut-throat competition. Our cartons are specialized, market-driven, and unique- ready to highlight your brand amidst the market crowd! We create innovative service loyalty through a team that mitigates risks, enhances brand equity and makes your presence count.

2. Paper Solutions


SSPP has a range of paper board products that allow customers find the befitting solution to their diverse specifications. We offer 100% recyclable and sustainable paper boards that reduce risk, ensure best-in-class packaging and rigid protection that keep your products safe during shipment. We offer integrated paperboard solutions to every demanding need that you throw at us. Our creative board remains focused on your goals and continually plunge into improvement that makes your product better.

The types of paper we use are:

  • Duplex Paper Boards
  • Virgin Paper Boards
  • Maphlito
  • Art Paper
  • Chromo Art Paper
  • Bible Paper
  • Chromo Art Paper
  • Kraft Paper

Shree Salasar responsibly supplies an array of specialty extruded products that exclusively excels in unrivalled resistance, flexibility and performance.


Shree Salasar is a leading provider of Maphlito papers that specifically align with your terms and requirements. We deliver a broad range of uncoated Maphlito papers that come with customizable sizes and can be used for printing of carton labels, address labels, product labels, school labels and much more. Our service network is the fastest in the region with capabilities that offer efficacy in solutions like Flexo Offset, Digital and Screen, etc. Shree Salasar is committed to providing specialty service that slit by the evolving customer preferences and needs. We extend our scope and position ourselves to offer products including specifications but no limited to:

  • Face paper (70GSM/80GSM)
  • Base paper (Glassine, CCK, SCK), and
  • Adhesive (Water-based Acrylic, Rubber-based solvent, and High-tech)


Shree Salasar renders a blend of Chromo Art Paper solutions that set us apart in the industry. Our success-driven people work hard with a unified approach and are focused on the ultimate goal to meet compliances which come in every stage of the business cycle. We deliver papers that have high degree of recyclable and sustainable content and are among the best that tap into the differentiated needs and wants of consumers. Finding the right product through Shree Salasar mitigates initial costs and unfurls innovative solutions on the go.

Chromo Art Paper produced by Shree Salasar distinguishes itself by its customizable size, glossy and self-adhesive nature. Match your needs with our available specifications that include:

  • Face paper (75/80/90GSM)
  • Base paper (Glassine, CCK, SCK), and
  • Adhesive (Water-based Acrylic, Rubber-based solvent, and High-tech)


Shree Salasar Print & Pack is one of the most preferred in-house manufacturing partners of fine Art papers- suitable for consumers of all types. Whether you use art papers for professional, academic or personal purpose, we have design process that creates art paper solutions with a cost-effective approach. Our team works together to deliver the appropriate art paper so that you can buoy success with your masterpiece.

Shree Salasar further helps you filter the right paper that is specialized for almost every nature, medium, and format of artwork. We believe in leveraging value added services that allow you to enhance your presence with a blend of creativity and technical knowledge.


We are amongst the few dealers in Siliguri that manufacture a glut of creative Bible paper solutions that fits your budget, run to meet your requirements and render an appealing touch to your product. We have adapted to the latest technological methodology that tweaks our product to increase efficiency, longevity and capability to produce a compelling visual design that appeals every consumer. Shree Salasar excels in producing superior lightweight opaque paper with consistency in flatness and receptivity in printing books, prestige text work, and finest limited edition print works.

Our Bible paper sheets are excellent for Offset lithography- suitable to 4 colors, triton, and duotone repro with heavy ink coverage where under color removal can be considered. Shree Salasar is one of those retail dealers that not only provide what your business needs, but also help you drive and enhance market leads.


Shree Salasar partners with the most creative team of potential manufacturers and suppliers of self-adhesive gumming sheets that come with an excellent range of variety. Our self-administered expertise produces gumming sheet solutions with high-quality assured raw materials through our in-house resources. While we tailor Gumming sheets in bulk for industrial use as per your specifications and consumer wants, we also consider taking compliance tests and provide the best-in-class service no matter the size or character of your order.

Shree Salasar is typically associated with distribution of Gumming paper solutions that are highly capable with durability and resistivity. Our products obtain excellent printing results and offer smooth peel off, lay flatness, matchless die-cutting ability, and supreme adhesiveness. We handle a network of gumming sheet orders that are effective for uses in printing advertisements and gripping areas.

3. Machinery Solutions


Amid the complexities of traditional market system and the expansion of e-commerce, what can you do to leverage retail readiness? Obstacles in marketplace and the changing pattern of consumption, abounds businessman like you to resort to insights and sustainable considerations that drive maximum profit margin and improve supply growth in all types of markets and products.

Optimize every stage of supply chain with our latest automation solutions that are customized with innovative and advanced structural designs. At Shree Salasar, we create automated packaging machinery that yields margins at the fastest speed and mitigate risks. We provide machine automation solutions that meet unique specifications and allow world class automation process in every stage of your production line. We specialize in automation-starting from single case erectors to fully integrated line designs that are customized to cater to:

  • Hand-packing
  • Low-speed automation
  • High-speed automation