Artwork & Prepress Shree Salasar Print & Pack


Each year since our establishment, we’ve created over 50,000 press-ready artworks for packaged goods. Our proficiency, quick turnarounds and attention to details consistently sets us apart in the broad ambit of Artwork & Prepress industry. We are focused on high production quality along with a wide range of implementation capabilities that set realistic expectations among the retailers. SSPP Artwork is combined with prepress that ensures workflow through both automation and considerable cost savings. Beginning from simple file alteration to concept origination- we build end-to-end artworks with exceptional combination of colors, layers, resolution, and output requirements.

We’re known for offering matchless services in image assembly, file creation, retouching, color separation, and digital/film output and image carrier preparation. Shree Salasar’s Prepress global process ensures client’s graphics are replicated accurately by using differentiated package printing processes, substrates, uniform colors within the timeframe. Our creators work harmoniously with the clients providing unsurpassed quality of soft proofing, digital proofing, and online proofing to facilitate their smooth coordination. We consistently work with cutting edge knowledge and tools that abridges the gap between creative and technical worlds.