Infrastructure Shree Salasar Print & Pack


At SSPP, we retain state-of-the-art technology that design the perfect retail experience by offering luxury packaging and printing solutions that entail the most efficient pricing in the market. We take packaging and printing to an appealing level underpinned with adaptability, quality, and unparalleled local service on global standards in a quick turnaround time. We are an evolving team of innovators actively investigating, participating in quality production at all levels, ensures realistic expectations that vendors seek from us. We use integrated manufacturing system that creates elevated clientele experience reflecting international standards.

Shree Salasar manifests equipments, quality control, binding, prepress, press, and other tools that spare no effort in producing the perfect finished product. With in-house printing and packaging service renders, and sustainable packaging conversion plants, our team has been delivering products with redundant steps that simplify business compliances.