Industry Shree Salasar Print & Pack


1. Pharmaceuticals

Shree Salasar Print & Pack is a leading manufacturer of products that offer a range of solutions to protect your pharmaceutical brand. We provide world-class and unrivalled products that are quality checked and in-line with the industry’s compliance. Our products are dealt with camera-based checking systems that render 100% security and anti-counterfeiting solutions to your brand.

2. Automotive

We offer customized automotive solutions that are on top of the marketplace. We leverage latest technology and in-depth knowledge into creating products that drive retail readiness and mitigate risks. Shree Salasar offers diversified range of solutions that suit specific requirements with integrated lines at every stage of business cycle. Impact your bottom line; give a lucrative performance in the supply chain- optimize your brand with our custom turnkey expertise and solutions.

3. Fashion & Clothing

It is understandable that the value of apparels in the fashion industry is critical. So we at Shree Salasar offer a range of value added options that specialize in designing catalogues for the fashion industry. Our range of products ensures that the colors of the actual apparel is untouched. We also standout in making corrugated packaging for all kinds of fashion and clothing products that renders end-to-end protection to the brand.

4. Spirits & Beverages

Shree Salasar teams up with award-winning engineers and designers that offer premium packaging for beverages. Starting from alcoholic drinks to creating gift packs, we standout in producing packaging boxes with features that positively impacts your brand in the market. We leverage standard packaging solutions that offer on-demand designs, wraparounds, and more.

5. Chocolate & Confectionery

Products like chocolates and confectionary require special packaging and that ensure the product’s safety from spoilage and damage. We produce top class rigid boxes and folding cartons that are the best fit for chocolate and confectionary manufacturers. Our raw materials used for packaging are FDA approved that guarantees food safety and improves your environmental impact while maintaining your product on store shelves. We help you promote your brand with versatile packaging that meets corrugated need at reduced costs.

6. Food

Complexities in food packaging are crucial and needs the appropriate solutions on-time. It is important to protect your product with the right food packaging to ensure customer reliability and brand’s reputation. Starting from protecting all kinds of food products from the farm to supplying them to the market, we focus on high-end performance throughout the supply chain. Our innovative solutions and packaging science help us develop reliable stock product that works the best for you.

7. Healthcare

Shree Salasar combines high-quality raw materials and lucrative insights into producing patient-friendly products that ensure trust and reliability of your brand. Our designers have a deep understanding of the healthcare needs and leverage state-of-the art technology to convey unparalleled range of solutions that deliver value-added service throughout the supply chain. Our innovative products include packaging, folding cartons, specialty labels, booklets, printed foils, and more.

8. Tobacco

Shree Salasar stands out in the packaging industry owing to its virtue of superior quality services for superior brands. We take pride in connecting consumers with brands that has a legacy and a global footprint. Our tobacco packaging plays a pivotal role in creating product reliability and an extensive network of supply across the world. Our experts understand the importance of packaging in tobacco products and equip mechanism that elevates brand experience.

9. Electronics

When it comes to electronics, customers rely on brand’s reputation that has lived up to their trust. Shree Salasar ensures every step involved from the production to the point-of-sale of your product, is driven by innovation and that keeps you ahead of compliances. We create collector items for your customers that focus on decorative finishes and a versatile market impacts that stays with your customer for a long time.

10. Educational Institutions

Amid imparting the best-in-class knowledge and education, there is a dizzying array of products that the educational institutions are in need of to retain attention and convey information succinctly. At Shree Salasar, we provide promotional kits, printed products, posters, prospectus, books, stationery, and other education needs that enhance student experience and promote learning. Our designers have the capacity to balance aesthetics with professionalism that ensures clarity with standards. We offer a range of services that practically suit any educational purpose!

11. Hospitality

In the hospitality industry, your brand profile is everything. It builds your business, welcomes guests and promotes partnership with hotels and resorts. You have probably entered the ambit of hospitality with the dream to render a homely experience to your guests. Turn your expectations into reality with Shree Salasar. We help you design custom guest logs, food and beverage packaging, luxurious marketing materials, five-star products that identify your needs on-time at reduced costs. With potential solutions and matchless expertise, we add finesse to your business and invite more guests through the door.

12. Real Estate

Shree Salasar is one of the few industries in India offering tailor-made printing services for real estate agents and brokers. We specialize in producing postcards, flyers, brochures, and other marketing materials for the real estate industry by leveraging latest technology and in-depth knowledge. Our team of designers ensures quick and affordable printing solutions for potential buyers within 3 days of approval.

13. Information Technology

When information technology become the backbone of commercial industries, it is important to protect your IT assets with integrated elements of management. From labeling software, barcode printing and scanning to immediate packaging solutions for your hardware products, Shree Salasar offers hi-tech solutions at low costs and reduced risks for your IT products. Render a global outlook to your brand with a wide range of IT solutions, uniquely engineered to streamline your specific needs.

14. Movies & Entertainment

In the context of Indian entertainment industry, companies allocate 40% of their resources on print solutions to lure the audience. Shree Salasar is one of the leading companies offering high-end print solutions for advertising in India’s entertainment companies. Despite digital media taking the front seat, our customized print solutions succeed in conveying your message succinctly, reaching small towns and wooing mass audiences across geography and demography. Additionally, we also offer rigid packaging for DVD/CDs for a glut of entertainment companies.

15. Art, Travel & Lifestyle

Help customers celebrate any occasion and unfurl the goodness of life with integral printing and packaging products from Shree Salasar. Our creative products connect people around the world in meaningful ways. We offer a complete collection of customized products that most elegantly defines your brand. We take pride in our product packaging that not only retains your presence in the market but also rekindles special moments through innovation and creativity.