Career Shree Salasar Print & Pack


At Shree Salasar, we consider employees as our biggest asset. Their relentless dedication and innovative ways of creating new solutions every day are what drives our success. We take immense pride in employing talented people who focus on long-lasting relationships and client-centric approach. Shree Salasar retains a team of experts that ensures customer’s success and develops our own careers on the go. We offer plenty of thriving opportunities for you to start your career search today! We have rewarding positions for eligible individuals from various fields- Be it engineering, IT, Finance or sales, you become a part of us.

We have long-term job opportunities in maintenance and tech service, production and manufacturing, engineering, supply chain/procurement/logistics, sales, veterans, and more. We are in the crucial hour of building the foundation of people who can provide customer satisfaction with a legacy behind!Your dedication, differences in values, and unity in diversity helps us grow a stronger business in the bottom-line. Join us and connect with the world- depart as a global leader!